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Pediatric speech sessions anywhere in California

Our team of collaborative California licensed speech-language pathologists can help your school age child via teletherapy. We take a holistic approach to teletherapy by offering a variety of services that support the child’s entire journey.  

Our Expertise

We treat a variety of speech and language disorders with teletherapy for school age children ONLY in California that have:

  • Receptive and expressive language delays and disorders

  • Articulation and phonological disorders

  • Language based learning disabilities including dyslexia

  • Language based academic support

  • Fluency

Our California Teletherapy Services

Free Phone Consultation

20 minute phone consultation with a certified speech language pathologist

Discuss your child’s history, our philosophy, and your expectations for speech therapy to ensure we are a good fit to join your child’s team. Book a phone consultation online now>



Full speech and language evaluation with a written report

We will evaluate your child over a secure video call using industry standard tests so we can build personalized goals and recommend next steps. The evaluation will vary in time depending on your child's needs. Depending on your child's progress, we recommend getting a reevaluation every 6 months to measure progress against previous goals and set new ones. 


Therapy Sessions

45-minute personalized teletherapy

45-minute speech therapy sessions that will use a variety of techniques to help your child reach the objectives identified in the evaluation. Your child’s interests and individualized differences will be the launching pad to broaden their communicative world.


Team Calls

Calls with teachers and other therapists


While we are more than happy to connect with parents at any time (free of charge), team calls provide a way for us to ensure everyone on your child’s team is on the same page. We love to see speech and language goals supported across all of your child's environments. By sharing techniques and your child's goals over the phone, therapists and teachers can more successfully support your child's communication development. 

Progress Reports

A writeup of the child's progress outside of formal evaluations

A written progress report will allow teachers, other therapists, or insurance providers better understand your child's progress outside of a formal evaluation.

Parent FAQ

We know you have questions, let us help answer some of them.

Speech SF Policies

Learn about our insurance, cancellation, and billing policies.

Meet the Team

Meet the Speech SF team.

Contact us!

Feel free to send us a note. We love working with families, schools, and other local businesses. We look forward to connecting with you!



2443 Fillmore Street, #153

San Francisco, CA, 94115

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Always secure, private, & compliant

We are a California professional corporation that delivers the highest security and compliance standards. We store all of your information in a HIPAA compliant manner within an encrypted electronic health record system. We work with all of the necessary governing bodies of speech language pathology to ensure compliance with modern practices. 

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